Northern Research Station: Seminars 2004/5

What was the event?

Series of seminars covering a variety of forestry and related research topics.

Where did the event take place?

Forest Research
Northern Research Station
Midlothian EH25 9SY


17th September 2004 Jacki Schirmer
Australian National University Forestry
Socio-economic impact assessment: approaches to improving best practice and methods of assessing the impacts of the forest sector
1st October 2004 Iwona Skrzecz
Forest Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland
Hylobius abietis management in poland- practice and research
29th October 2004 Colin Campbell
Macauley Institute, Aberdeen
The relevance of soil microbial diversity to ecosystem functioning of Native woodlands
5th November 2004 Eric Casella
Centre for Forestry and Climate Change, Forest Research, Farnham
Leaf expansion stage rather than irradiance drives the intra-canopy gradients of leaf nitrogen in two fast-growing Populus clones
19th November 2004 Marla Emery
USDA Forest Service, Burlington, Vermont
Non-timber forest product (NTFP) gatherers and gathering in the eastern US: Implications for policy and management
3rd December Richard Ennos
Institute for Ecology and Resource Management, Edinburgh University
Genetic behaviour of fragmented tree populations - Implications for forest restoration
14th January 2005 Amy Eycott
Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation, UEA
Seed dispersal and herbivory in managed forest landscapes: impacts on plant regional population dynamics and biodiversity
4th February 2005 Fintan Bracken
Department of Zoology, University College Dublin
The diversity of birds and butterflies in Irish lowland landscapes with special reference to the effects of set-aside management on birds in the breeding season
8th April  2005 Mark Jarvis
Environmental Agricultural & Analytical Chemistry, Glasgow University
The Relationship between Wood Structure and Mechanical Performance
22nd April 2005 Douglas Godbold
School of Agricultural and Forest sciences,University of Wales, Bangor
Fine root dynamics and C sequestration
1st July 2005 Sven-Olof Lundqvist
Swedish Pulp and Paper Research Institute
Wood and Fibre Properties in Forest Resources - Measurements and models for better knowledge and improved industrial raw material

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