Trees in a changing climate

14th to 15th June 2005

What was the event?

Trees can take over 100 years to reach maturity, so the trees we plant now will mature in a climate that may be very different to the one in which they were planted. The predicted changes in climate may have a profound effect on our trees, which, once planted, must endure whatever climate ensues. 

Expert speakers examined firstly what impact climate change will have on tree growth, health and ecology and secondly, what the responses to these impacts should be by the forestry, conservation, heritage and gardening communities. A guest speaker from France gave a picture of current tree and woodland distribution and management in a warmer climate.

Flyer (PDF-82K)

Programme (PDF-741K)

Where did it take place?

University of Surrey, Guildford

Summaries and presentations

Title Presented by Downloads
Climate change and tree health Prof. Clive Brasier Summary (PDF-13K)
Presentation (PDF-967K)
Impacts on tree growth and function Mark Broadmeadow Summary (PDF-11K)
Presentation (PDF-1401K)
Implications and adaptions: species choice and timber production Prof. Jeffery Burley Summary (PDF-10K)
Presentation (PDF-902K)
Climate change and trees Mike Calnan Summary (PDF-8K)
Impacts on woodland ecology Keith Kirby Summary (PDF-19K)
Presentation (PDF-1032K)
Aquitaine forests in a changing climate Richard Michalet Presentation (PDF-2347K)
Implications and adaption: nature conservation and biodiversity Richard Smithers Summary (PDF-16K)

Delegate questionnaire

Delegate questionnaire (MS Word®) (564K) - for emailing

Delegate questionnaire (PDF) (119K) - for posting/faxing

The purposes of this brief questionnaire are to:

  • Gauge the level of climate change awareness in the sector and how successful the meeting has been in achieving its principal objective
  • Assess the extent to which the sector is taking climate change into account in future planning.

We hope to publish the results of the questionnaire as part of an assessment of adaptation measures in the sector.

Additional background information

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Dr Chris Prior
Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden
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