COST Action E44 - Wood Processing Strategy workshop

Friday 1 st October 2004

What was the event?

This one-day workshop was an initiative of COST Action E44 - Wood Processing Strategy. The workshop dealt with state of the art presentations on industries forming the Foresty Wood industry Chain in COST Member States.

Presentations aimed to provide quantative estimates on aspects of forests and the wood industry at the regional and national scales, as well as outlining details of researchers and institutions involved in topics covered by COST Action E44.

The workshop took place immediately after the Forestry Woodchain conference and in the same venue.

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Where did the event take place?

James Watt Centre1
Heriot-Watt University

Additional information

The COST homepage provides general information on COST was well as specific details on COST Action E44.

The Chairman - Joris van Acker ( or the leader of Working Group 1 - Sam Evans (