Brownfield site investigation procedures for greenspace development

Evaluating bioindicators and assessment techniques for greenspace development on brownfield sites


Cost-effective landscaping and greenspace development require detailed studies of site ecology and history along with its physical and chemical liabilities, opportunities and constraints. Brownfield sites require extra surveys to inform decontamination procedures and the preservation of industrial archaeology and important ecological habitats. Forest Research tested a range of techniques in the field to draw up a set of recommended procedures for brownfield site investigations.

Key results

  • A set of suitable bio-indicators for flora establishment
  • Recommendations on in situ techniques for measuring soil metal concentrations
  • Site investigation guidelines and procedures to establish greenspace
  • A framework for assessing the environmental impact of pollutants in the urban environment

Our involvement

The Forest Research team trialled a range of on-site investigation techniques and approaches. This field work fed into the team’s development of an environmental impact assessment framework for urban pollution as part of a larger collaborative research project to develop a conceptual framework for pollutants in the urban environment. [LINK TO PuRE pages]

Funders and partners

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This research began in 2003 and was completed in 2007.


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