APF 2004 - International Forest Machinery Exhibition

Thursday 23 September 2004 to Saturday 25 September 2004

What was the event?

Largest arboriculture, forestry and woodland show in the UK. All major manufacturers and suppliers of forestry and arboriculture equipment and services were represented.

At the Forest Research stand our staff described new guidance on best practice for winching and ground preparation techniques, and also answered questions on recent research findings in the areas of forest operations and wider topics, including:

  • Forest health and tree protection
  • Environmental research, monitoring and assessment
  • Timber and the wood supply chain
  • Novel composts and other non timber products
  • Biomass and wood fuel
  • Land remediation and urban greening
  • Surveying, GIS, remote sensing and modelling
  • Ground preparation, silviculture and harvesting methods
  • Product testing for forestry & nursery markets
  • Landscape ecology and biodiversity.

Where did the event take place?

Ragley Estate


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