Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition 2004

London - Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2004Monday 5 to Thursday 8 July 2004

What was the event?

The Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition was a unique opportunity to explore some of today's most exciting science and technology research. 25 teams of scientists selected from around the UK exhibited their outstanding work at the Royal Society in London.

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Forest Research's exhibit

Entitled ‘Biological Cruise Missile: Beetle vs. Beetle in Forest Protection’, featured the work of our entomologists, who have developed an environmentally sound method of pest management to control an alien pest, the great spruce bark beetle, Dendroctonus micans.

The spruce bark beetle, which damages our most important forest trees, has been successfully brought under control by the controlled release of a non-indigenous predator beetle.  Forest Research are attempting to develop a unique monitoring and pre-emptive strategy for management of new spruce bark beetle outbreaks by identifying the chemical scent that the predator beetle uses to locate it.

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