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Forest Research newsletters from June 2004 to July 2006.

Forest Research Science and Business Newsletter

February 2006 (PDF-100K)

Published: 8 Mar 2006

  • Forest Research joins INNOFORCE project
  • Launch of new website to promote Best Practice for Land Regeneration
  • Getting it together: Sirex woodwasp – Amylostereum symbiosis on pines
  • The Royal Society funding opportunities for UK - South African research
  • New publications
  • Forthcoming events

January 2006 (PDF-341K)

Published: 2 Feb 2006

  • Innovation funding success
  • Head of South East Development Agency visits Alice Holt
  • Forest Research's Official Seed Tetsing Station to close
  • Staff news
  • 'Woodlands for Wales' Strategy meeting
  • Collaboration with English Heritage
  • Horse chestnut bleding canker: new website resources
  • A new website to promote development of woodland recreation
  • New land regeneration website
  • Publications
  • Taking action on sustainable development
  • Forthcoming events

December 2005 (PDF-272K)

Published: 22 Dec 2005

  • Surveying underway at Jeskyn's Farm
  • Centre for Ecology and Hydrology to restructure
  • Nepal expedition to investigate Phytophthora pathogens
  • Forest Focus BIOSOIL project
  • Visit by agricultural and forestry policy makers from China

November 2005 (PDF-247K)

Published: 5 Dec 2005

  • UK Forest Industries R&D Group formed - and Technology Platform progresses
  • Progressing softwood production forecasts
  • Continuous cover forestry in China
  • Forest Research’s chemical analysis highly rated
  • Europe’s forests are increasing, says the most detailed and comprehensive assessment of the world’s forests ever undertaken
  • Black squirrels
  • Results of Eire’s BioForest Project
  • Engineered wetland habitat systems
  • Plant threats: focus on global pathways
  • Top marks for Forest Schools!
  • ECE Forest Communicators Network in Bialowieza Forest, Poland
  • Forthcoming events
  • New publications

October 2005 (PDF-320K)

  • Forest Research tests new monitoring system for spruce bark beetle
  • Strategic timber research
  • Cumbrian woodfuel workshop
  • Survey techniques ‘Czeched out’ in Prague
  • Forthcoming events
  • New publications

September 2005 (PDF-265K)

  • Forest Research’s partnership with National Arboreta at Westonbirt and Bedgebury
  • Forest Research website passes the million mark
  • Chief Executive visits Malaysian Forestry Research Institute
  • Microbial diversity in forest soils
  • Forest Research joins SPIRE's strategy steering group
  • Developments in countryside recreation
  • Forthcoming events
  • New publications

August 2005 (PDF-288K)

  • Report from Forestry World Congress in Brisbane
  • Sustainable Development Commission publish wood fuel heating report
  • Forest Research represents UK at Perth biomass workshop
  • ForestGALES software used in Puerto Rico hurricane research
  • EU Phytophthora ramorum project reaches mid-point
  • Forthcoming events
  • New publications

July 2005 (PDF-230K)

  • Proposed changes to Forest Research’s powers in England and Wales
  • Forest Research joins new EU project to examine innovation in forest recreation
  • Scottish Executive consults on Scottish forestry industry
  • Forthcoming events

June 2005 (PDF-228K)

  • ‘Trees in a changing climate’ conference
  • Small cow-wheat species recovery project
  • Forest Research scopes the potential for charcoal in remediation
  • WIAT initiative?
  • Chopwell Wood Health pilot scheme extended
  • Forest Research represents UK at ICP Forests meeting
  • World Renewable Energy Congress
  • Norwegians genotype Forest Research’s larch collection
  • Forest Research assists Macaulay Institute's landscape research week at Huntly
  • Putting Ponticum to Bed(dgelert)!
  • Forthcoming events
  • New publications

May 2005 (PDF-212K)

  • Germination of an endangered Chilean conifer
  • SENSOR project underway
  • Climate change in the Scottish uplands
  • VISULANDS project progresses
  • Forestry Commission Scotland’s Native Woodlands Survey
  • International CleanUp Exhibition 2005
  • Forthcoming events
  • New publications

April 2005 (PDF-268K)

  • IUFRO‘Sustainable Forestry in Theory and Practice ‘ Conference
  • Forest Research participates in DTI woodfuel supply chain mission to US
  • EFORWOOD progresses
  • Forthcoming events
  • New publications

March 2005 (PDF-111K)

  • Forest Research retain Pesticide Safety Directorate (now the Chemicals Regulation Directorate) Accreditation
  • TimberTherm software attracts international attention
  • Improved Sitka spruce
  • Social Forestry
  • Urban pollutants contract
  • Forthcoming events
  • New publications

February 2005 (PDF-214K)

  • Scottish Crossbill
  • Forest Research to evaluate Sport England projects
  • Next steps for LIDAR in Dean project
  • New study investigating the role of floodplain forestry at Ripon
  • National Populetum at Alice Holt
  • Forthcoming events
  • New publications

January 2005 (PDF-300K)

  • Forest Research as Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) 'academic analogue'
  • Forest Research wins contract to develop Forest Habitat Network for Scotland
  • Forest Research wins biomass contract for Sustainable Development Commission Scotland
  • Overgrazing study completed
  • Trees for Life
  • Innovation: progressing registration of butt rot bio-control
  • Update on Phytophthora ramorum and kernoviae
  • Focus on black poplar scab
  • Scottish Woodland History Discussion Group meeting
  • Climate change and soil function
  • Irish draw on UK expertise to manage peatland catchments
  • Chinese visit Northern Research Station
  • Forthcoming events
  • New publications

November 2004 (PDF-247K)

  • Forest Research wins English Nature contract for wet woodlands
  • Forest Research wins new contract for Scottish habitat networks
  • Commissioners praise progress in habitat networks and Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF)
  • Strategic Tree Risk Management
  • Forestry Woodchain Conference
  • Urban Greening team exhibit at EA Conference
  • Focus on Forest Health
  • New handbook launched at Scots Pine Rural Development conference
  • Aberfoyle meeting on timber quality and CCF
  • Senior Forest Enterprise staff review Sitka spruce gains
  • Hydrology update
  • Climate change
  • BIHIP AGM and Field Day
  • New and forthcoming publications

September 2004 (PDF-428K)

  • One year on…
  • Arrivals and new appointments
  • Divisional structures take shape
  • APF 2004
  • EFI Conference
  • Green light for bioindicators
  • Phytophthora workshop
  • Lowland habitat networks
  • Norwegian soil ‘quality’ studies
  • Incidence of red band needle blight rises
  • Rhizosphere Conference
  • Root and butt rot
  • Timber Properties Programme
  • Tree biomechanics
  • Indian Foresters train at Alice Holt
  • Socio-economic seminar
  • Wallenburg Prize Ceremony
  • Forthcoming events
  • New book

August 2004 (PDF-231K)

  • Ben Bradshaw visits Alice Holt
  • Anthony Bosanquet, FC Commissioner visits Alice Holt
  • CEO visits America
  • Breakthrough in battle against Rhododendron ponticum
  • IoW magistrate highlights red squirrells’ importance after radio hoaxes
  • Buckets of success
  • UNESCO praises Selvagens Islands eradication programme
  • Antipodean speakathon gets underway
  • Forthcoming events

July 2004 (PDF-173K)

  • Beetles in the spotlight at Royal Society Exhibition
  • First meeting of Heads of European National Forest Research Institutions
  • Phytobial Remediation
  • Accessibility of Woodlands
  • Valuing woodlands
  • The Future of Trees
  • Native Pinewoods Conference
  • BEGIN: Biomass for Energy Genetic Improvement Network
  • ‘Woodfuel – getting it right’ Workshop and launch of new woodfuel information packs
  • Forthcoming events

June 2004 (PDF-215K)

  • Forest Research’s new organisational structure takes shape
  • Advisory Committee on Forest Research appoints 2004 Visiting Groups
  • FC’’s Expert Group on Research and Devellopment
  • Professor Lynch honoured
  • OST sellects ForestGALES as examplle case study
  • Forest Research short listed for Work Experience Award
  • Forest Research selected for Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition
  • Fielldwork completed for Defra sustainablle grazing methodology study
  • NIWT2 consultations underway
  • Focus on birch dieback
  • The virtues of cold storage in Icelland
  • Beijing Plant Protection Congress
  • Consultations progress on FC science strategy
  • Phytophthora taxon sp. C

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