Publications on protecting trees and tree health

Publications about environmentally acceptable measures of preventing and controlling damage to Britain's trees

Birch dieback in Scotland (PDF-723K)

By Sarah Green.

Forestry Commission Information Note 72.

Controlling Grey Squirrel Damage to Woodlands (Practice Note 4)Controlling grey squirrel damage to woodlands (PDF-1779K)

By Brenda Mayle, Mark Ferryman and Harry Pepper.

Forestry Commission Practice Note 4.

Dothistroma needle blight - Field guide 2012Dothistroma needle blight - Field guide 2012 (PDF-2536K)

Sampling guidance, symptoms and further information.

Dutch Elm disease information noteDutch elm disease diagnosis (PDF-838K)

Information sheet describing symptoms and how to confirm the diagnosis.

Horse chestnut leaf miner - can you help?Horse chestnut leaf miner (PDF-204K)

Monitoring the spread - can you help?

Managing acute oak decline (Practice Note 15)Managing acute oak decline (PDF-1150K)

By Sandra Denman, Susan Kirk and Joan Webber.

Forestry Commission Practice Note 15.

Managing the pine weevil on lowland pine (PDF-900K)

By David Wainhouse, Sara Brough and Brian Greenacre.

Forestry Commission Practice Note 14.

Managing the threat to restocking posed by the large pine weevil, Hylobius abietis: The importance of time of felling of spruce stands (PDF-34K)

By Roger Moore.

Forestry Commission Information Note 60.

Needle diseases of pine

By Anna Brown, Sarah Green and Steve Hendry.

Forestry Commission Information Note 67.

CoverPath News

Pathology bulletins.

Practical techniques for surveying and monitoring squirrels (Practice Note 11)Practical techniques for surveying and monitoring squirrels (PDF-3830K)

Forestry Commission Practice Note 11.

Front coverPhytophthora austrocedrae on juniper factsheet (PDF-1215K)

Symptoms and how to collect and send samples for diagnosis.

Phytophthora disease of alder (PDF-1350K)

This revised edition (3rd edition 2004) replaces the previous editions published in 1998 and 2000.

By Joan Webber, John Gibbs and Steven Hendry.

Forestry Commission Information Note 6 (revised)

CoverPhytophthora disease of alder in Europe

Research on the impact of a disease caused by a new hybrid pathogen.

Forestry Commission Bulletin 126.

Phytophthora pathogens of trees: Their rising profile (PDF-2906K)

By Clive Brasier.

Forestry Commission Information Note 30

Publication coverPotential impacts of drought and disease on forestry in Scotland (PDF-2380K)

By Sarah Green and Duncan Ray.

Forestry Commission Research Note 4.

CoverProgress in research on Phytophthora diseases of forest trees

Proceedings of the Third International IUFRO Working Party S07.02.09 Meeting in 2004.

Publication coverRed band needle blight of conifers in Britain (PDF-1200K)

By Anna Brown and Joan Webber.

Forestry Commission Research Note 2.

Red band needle blight of pine (PDF-1376K)

By Anna Brown, David Rose and Joan Webber.

Forestry Commission Information Note 49

Resistance of young conifers to feeding damage by pine weevil (PDF-786K)

By David Wainhouse and Sara Brough.

Foresty Commission Information Note 87.

Shoot diseases of pine (PDF-377K)

By Anna Brown.

Forestry Commission Information Note 68.

CoverTree pest and disease alerts and advisory notes

Bulletins and handbills showing signs and symptoms of tree pests and diseases and advice on what to do if you suspect the pest or disease is present.

PosterTree pest and disease posters

A selection of posters that can be downloaded as PDFs and then printed at a size to suit.

Various - Research Information Notes (RINs)

Out of print publications from the 1990s covering various topics.

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