Trees and woods for well-being and quality of life


Key areas of this research focus on education and learning, health and well-being, volunteering, and culture and identity in relation to trees, woods and forests and how these are distributed across a diverse society.

Well-being is a broad term that includes physical, social and psychological dimensions. It is a contested concept and there is a need to draw together current ideas and link them to the natural environment to explore how nature contributes to people’s well-being.

The following short document draws together debates on well-being, forestry and ecosystem services to stimulate discussion and help focus the well-being research agenda:

Well-being, forestry and ecosystem services: A discussion paper (PDF-538K) 

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Healthy Parks Healthy People

A resource for the global community interested in nature and health to share learning of the latest research and innovations in this field.

Our Social and Economic Research Group has contributed a page to the above website on the work it has been doing over the past few years on evaluating a range of health and woodland projects and interventions:
Health and well-being in Britain's woodlands

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