Publications on land regeneration and urban greenspace

Publications about establishing woodlands on brownfield and contaminated land

Trees and Woods in Scottish Towns: The role of Local Authorities(PDF-1,014KB)

Report giving a snapshot of the state of urban tree management by local authorities in Scotland.

By A. van der Jagt and Anna Lawrence

Air temperature regulation by urban trees and green infrastructure (PDF-1610K)

Report describing how urban trees can help combat climate change temperature rises in cities.

By Kieron Doick and Tony Hutchings.

Forestry Commission Research Note 12.

Benefits of green infrastructure (PDF-1211K)

An in-depth technical report providing a synthesis of the evidence on the positive benefits which green infrastructure brings to society. A summary report is also available (below).

Benefits of green infrastructure - summary report (PDF-2362K)

By Land Regeneration and Urban Greenspace, Centre for Forestry and Climate Change.

Best practice guidance notes

A series of Best Practice Guidance (BPG) Notes on a range of issues affecting the successful establishment of greenspace on contaminated and brownfield land.

The titles in this series have been refreshed in 2014 and expanded in 2015.

Field portable X-ray fluorescence (FPXRF): A rapid and low cost alternative for measuring metals and metalloids in soils (PDF-398K)

By Caroline Kilbride, Jane Poole, Tony Hutchings, Olga Rodriguez-Walters, Danielle Sinnett, Andy Brunt and Andy Moffat.

CL:AIRE Research Bulletin 7.

Greenspace establishment on brownfield land: The site selection and investigation process (PDF-1081K)

By Kieron Doick and Tony Hutchings.

Forestry Commission Information Note 91.

Integrated remediation, reclamation and greenspace creation on brownfield land (PDF-576K)

 An overview of how greenspace can be established and used in a sustainable regeneration context on brownfield land.

By T.R. Hutchings, D. Sinnett, K.J. Doick, K. Pediaditi and A.J. Moffat.

CL:AIRE SUBR:IM Bulletin 11

Methuselah (PDF-871K)

A monitoring and evaluation strategy for urban greenspace.

By Kieron Doick.

The opportunities for woodland on contaminated land (PDF-1018K)

By Tony Hutchings.

Forestry Commission Information Note 44.

Site capability assessment for woodland creation on landfills (PDF-1437K)

Research Information Note 263 (1995). Out of print.

The potential for woodland on urban and industrial wasteland in England and Wales

By Duncan Perry (2000).

Forestry Commission Technical Paper 29.

The use of compost in the regeneration of brownfield land (PDF-409K)


Integrated remediation and greening of urban greenspace using compost for the establishment of plant growth on remediated soils and the development of novel compost for the remediation of metal contaminated land.

By R. van Herwijnen, G. Sellers, D. Sinnett, A.J. Moffat, T.R. Hutchings, A. Al-Tabbaa and S. Ouki.

CL:AIRE SUBR:IM Bulletin 10

Use of sewage sludges and composts in forestry (PDF-181K)

By Andy Moffat.

Forestry Commission Information Note 79.

Woodland establishment on landfill sites: Ten years of research

Contract report to the Department for Communities and Local Government detailing research over a ten year period to examine tree growth on modern containment landfill sites.

By Kirsten Foot and Andy Moffat. 


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