Publications on Forest mensuration, modelling and forecasting

Publications about Britain's and Europe's woodland resources

Publication coverDeveloping methods for assessing Scots pine timber quality (PDF-331K)

By Elspeth Macdonald, John Moore, Thomas Connolly, and Barry Gardiner.

Forestry Commission Research Note 5.

Forest condition surveys

Monitoring annual changes in the condition of Britan's forest trees by assessing the status of fove forest species via a network of monitoring plots distributed throughout the country. The results are published in Forest Commission Information Notes:

* out of print.

Publication coverNational inventory of woodland and trees

Information on the size, distribution, composition and condition of woodlands is essential for developing and monitoring policies for the sustainable development of woodlands and the countryside.

Publication coverTimber measurement

By Ewan D Mackie, Robert W Matthews. Forestry Commission Field Guide.

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Publication coverUsing acoustic tools in forestry and the wood supply chain (PDF-315K)

By Shaun Mochan, John Moore and Tom Connolly.

Forestry Commission Technical Note 18.

Publication coverWood properties and uses of Sitka spruce in Britain (PDF-1975K)

This publication is written for forest scientists, engineers, wood processors, and end users of wood products who are seeking a better understanding of Sitka spruce’s material properties and potential end uses. The first part is a general introduction that covers the origins of Sitka spruce, its introduction into Great Britain and its growth and management in this country. Part two contains information on the wood properties of Sitka spruce, including wood anatomy, general wood structure, and physical and mechanical properties. Part three contains an overview of the end products that are currently produced from Sitka spruce or that could potentially (and realistically) be produced from Sitka spruce in the future.

By Dr John Moore of The Forest Products Research Institute at Edinburgh Napier University.

Forestry Commission Research Report 15.