About accessibility of this website

As a government website, our site must deliver up-to-date information to as many users as possible.

To ensure this happens, the site has been built using government guidelines and specific standards. That means that all core information is easily accessible by:

  • People with older systems or browsers
  • People with a slow internet connection
  • The visually impaired
  • People with other difficulties.

The standards used mean that:

  • All core information is text based
  • The information is in web standard formats (e.g. HTML and PDF)
  • All file sizes are kept as small as possible
  • Pages are usually no more than two to three screens long (about two printed sheets of A4)
  • All text should be easily read
  • The navigation is clear and easy to use
  • Any plug-ins required are available for free
  • The site is useable with images turned off
  • The site should look the same on different systems and browsers.

What's of interest

Should you encounter accessibility problems with this site, please contact our webmaster:

The Webmaster
Forest Research
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