ESC-DSS downloads

Field Survey Pack (PDF-889K)


  • Forestry Commission Soil Classification System
  • Key to identifying humus form, grasses, ferns and sedges used in ESC
  • Recording forms for % cover and % Stoniness Estimation chart.

ESC-DSS User's Manual - Version 3.0 (PDF-1311K)

  • Ecological Site Classification Overview & Data
  • Accessing ESC online
  • Adding a site
  • Ecological Site Classification Site Report
  • Adjusting soil data
  • Species Analysis
  • Future Climate Analysis
  • Species Descriptions 

The Identification of Soils for Forest Management Field Guide
Fiona Kennedy, 2002

The aim of this Field Guide is to assist forestry practitioners in making responsible management decisions by providing them with a means of rapid soil identification. This is done via a series of keys aimed at those with little or no experience of soil classification.