Glossary - W

Removing unwanted herbaceous growth. See also cleaning and spot weeding.
A thin tree with very small crown reaching into the upper canopy. Also used for thin whippy broad-leaved tree as compared with a 'standard' or a forest transplant.
Structures such as buds and leaves arising three or more at a time around a stem at the same point.
Anything living, both plants and animals, which is not domesticated.
A bigger than average misshapen tree which is dominant in the crop. Ideally removed at first thinning.
Wood or woodland
A smaller area of trees than a forest, usually applies to broad-leaved trees. The distinction between a "forest" and a "wood" or "woodland" is simply one of scale, and to some extent the words are interchangeable.
Wood raw material equivalent
The volume of trees required to produce a wood product. Can be measured underbark or overbark.