Glossary - L

Lammas growth
A second flush of growth in late summer by some species, e.g. oak.
Term describing the development of a new individual plant from a branch or stem that has rooted into the ground.
Leading shoot
Main shoot that develops from the terminal bud at the top of a tree each year. Also called the 'leader'.
Leaf shaped subdivision of a compound leaf, e.g. ash.
Small pore in bark or a leaf for breathing.
Light demander
Tree that requires plenty of light. It cannot thrive under the canopy of other trees.
Light thinning
Removal of a small volume per unit area.
Line thinning
A method of mechanical thinning, as distinct from selective thinning, in which a whole line of trees is taken out irrespective of their quality. Usually confined to first thinning.
Lop &, top
Woody debris from cutting operation.
Cutting branches off a tree.