Glossary - D

Deciduous tree
One that sheds all its leaves in winter.
Deer glade
Unplanted area in forest specifically designed and used for deer management.
Diameter at breast height (dbh)
The standard way to measure standing trees using a girth tape and measuring at 1.3 metres above ground level.
Condition whereby individual twigs and branches die, starting from the tip. Can be one of several causes.
Dipped plants
Conifer plants treated with pesticide prior to planting on restock sites.
Type of pre-planting cultivation, usually created by an excavator, to provide a raised, weed free planting mound of soil. Commonly used on wet ground.
Trees that have grown close together and so, because they are thereby suppressed and of small diameter, look tall. In fact close grown groups are no taller than open grown trees.
Dyeing Stumps
Covering the freshly cut surface of a conifer stump with urea solution which prevents colonisation by a wood rotting fungus which could otherwise spread from infected stumps to nearby standing trees. The solution is dyed to facilitate application. See also Butt rot.