Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service Charges

Diagnostic services

Consideration of a tree problem by the examination of specimens and information.

Please use our standard Report Form and Supplementary Sheet (below) for written and email requests:

Telephone reply £48.00
Written reply £84.00

Supplementary charges for additional work (subject to the agreement of the customer):

Culturing from supplied specimens to identify pathogen (morphological) £96.00
Culturing from supplied specimens to identify pathogen (molecular, i.e. DNA) £180.00

These charges will be assessed and agreed at the time of the visit:

Site visit - charge per hour £84.00
Site visit - charge per day £600.00
Travel - charge per mile £0.48
Travel - by public transport £actual cost

Additional costs may be incurred to cover travelling time and/or an overnight stay.

Identification services

Identification of fungal fruit-body £48.00
Identification of fungus from a pure culture (molecular/morphological) £180.00

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Charges are shown inclusive of VAT at 20%