Getting to Alice Holt Research Station by rail

We are near the main South West Trains line from London (Waterloo) via Woking to Alton.

There are two stations that can be used, Farnham and Bentley.

From Farnham

The service to Farnham is more regular than that to Bentley which reduces to once an hour outside the rush hour period. The journey time from Waterloo is approximately 50 minutes. Check train times out on South West Trains website.

Farnham station is 4 miles from the Research Station at Alice Holt and can be reached by:

  • One of the many taxis found on the station forecourt or
  • Stagecoach bus number 18 from the stop on the station forecourt (not the stop opposite). Buses run every half hour during working hours. Ask for the next stop after Birdworld (i.e. the stop between Birdworld and Bucks Horn Oak).  On alighting the research station is 500m along Gravel Hill Road across the road from the bus stop. 

From Bentley

Bentley Station comes after Farnham Station and before Alton Station. The journey time to Bentley from Waterloo is approximately 58 minutes.

Bentley Station does not have a taxi rank. The Research Station, situated approximately 1 mile away, can be reached by walking up a metalled road through the woods. If you are travelling alone, please phone ahead to Alice Holt reception.


  • On alighting from the train, cross to the forest side of the track using the footbridge or the crossing at the "London" end of the platform.
  • Facing towards London, pass through the wooden gate and follow the metalled path up the hill through the woods. (See photos below and the dotted red line on the map).
    Footpath to Alice Holt from Bentley Station Footpath to Alice Holt from Bentley Station
  • Carry straight on at the crossroads at the top of the hill, keeping the pond on the right.
  • Go around the large gate and follow the path as it curves to the left in front of the red brick houses.
  • Ahead are the Research Station buildings.
  • Reception is in the old building on the right, facing the field and the small car park.


  • The train sometimes splits into two on the way down at Woking Station so listen for announcements or check with the guard to find out which part of the train is going to Alton.
  • The platform at Bentley is short, so if the train has more than four carriages check with the guard to find out the correct place to be in order to be able to get off.
  • All trains from both directions stop on the ticket office side of Bentley Station, unless there is a problem, in which case the track on the other (forest) side of the platform is used to let two trains pass each other.


What's of interest

Alice Holt Research Station address

Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
Surrey GU10 4LH

Tel: 0300 067 5600
Fax: 01420 23653

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