Contacting us about our website

See also about our website as this may answer your questions.

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We will only include links from our website to other websites associated with our research. If you would like us to link your website please contact the Forest Research Web and Digital Media manager.

Linking to our website

Forest Research encourages users to establish links to this site. You are therefore welcome to provide links to this site from your pages, no permission is needed.

Note that the Forestry Commission two-tree logo is Crown Copyright however and permission must be sought for its use.
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Feedback on our website

We welcome your comments, for example if you:

  • Have suggestions for how we may improve our website or information that we should include
  • Have any general comments about your experience using our website
  • Are experiencing technical difficulties with the website
  • Find inconsistencies or errors within the website.

Please contact the Forest Research Web and Digital Media manager or complete our on-line feedback form.