Woodlands and the environment

Understanding the complex interactions between forests and their physical and historic environment.

 Our research on physical environmental issues aims to ensure that forestry policies and practice can support this objective for land management.

About this research, its background and objectives, and underlying Forestry Commission policy

Current Research

See also our climate change research.

Completed research

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Services also include:

  • Expert advice in environmental research fields
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Physical environmental sustainability audits (site/forest specific).


For further information contact:

  Helen McKay

What's of interest

Cover of report
Woodland for Water: Woodland measures for meeting Water Framework Directive objectives

Slowing the Flow at Pickering

Final report on the results of Phase 2 of the project

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Find out what your carbon footprint is and how you can make some simple changes to help tackle climate change

Recent publications

The Environmental Change Network at Alice Holt Research Forest (PDF-517K)
Forestry Commission Research Note 1

Ten Years of Intensive Environmental Monitoring in British Forests (PDF-1295K)
Foresty Commission Information Note 88

Other research programmes

  • Ecological site classification
  • Integrating ecosystem functioning into river quality assessment and management (RIVFUNCTION)

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