Environmental Change Network core measurements at Alice Holt Forest - soil solution chemistry

Soil solution samples are collected using twelve Prenart ‘super quartz’ soil water samplers. Six samplers are installed in the A horizon and six at the base of the B horizon. Each sample is analyzed for:

  • Volume (mls)
  • Vacuum (bars)
  • pH
  • Conductivity (μS)
  • Alkalinity (mg l-1)
  • Sodium Na+ (mg l-1)
  • Potassium K+ (mg l-1)
  • Calcium Ca2+ (mg l-1)
  • Magnesium Mg2+ (mg l-1)
  • Iron Fe2+ (mg l-1)
  • Aluminium Al3+ (mg l-1)
  • Phosphate PO43--P (mg l-1)
  • Ammonia NH4+-N (mg l-1)
  • Chloride Cl- (mg l-1)
  • Nitrate NO3--N (mg l-1)
  • Sulphate SO42--S (mg l-1)
  • Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)


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