Environmental Change Network core measurements at Alice Holt Forest - meteorology

Automatic measurements are all recorded at 5 second intervals and stored as hourly summaries. Manual measurements are made in accordance with standard Meteorological Office procedures.

  • Wind Speed (m s-1)
  • Wind Direction (degrees from N)
  • Run of wind
  • Wet bulb temperature (oC)
  • Dry Bulb temperature (oC)
  • Solar Radiation (W m-2)
  • Albedo/sky (W m-2)
  • Albedo/ground (W m-2)
  • Rainfall (mm)
  • Surface wetness (minutes per hour when surface is wet)
  • Soil temperature 10cm - under bare soil (oC)
  • Soil temperature 30cm - under grass (oC)
  • Soil moisture (%)