Image analysis of compression wood

Compression wood detection in Scots pine viewed in transmitted light

Using Compression Wood Analysis 1.0 software (Dianthus/SLU)
Photograph courtesy of Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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Compression wood detection in Norway spruce

Photographs courtesy of University of Freiburg

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Compression wood detection in Sitka spruce viewed in reflected light

Using Optimas 6.5 (Media Cybernetics) image analysis software
Photographs Forest Research

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Use of a digitiser to assess the disc and ring shapes, and shape of the zone of compression wood

Photographs courtesy of Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) - France

  • Image of disc to be digitally assessed
    Image of the disc
  • Digitised results showing ring shapes & shape of zone of compression wood
    Results of the automated treatment
    DistPG : disc eccentricity
    CWAS : compression wood angular sector (between the two green lines).
    CWMP : compression wood angular sector mean position
    In blue, the geometric centre of the disc (big square) and the geometric centre of the compression wood area (little square)