European ecosystem services conference

When is the event?

This event has passed

Where to meet?

University of Antwerp
Aula rector Dhanis
Kleine Kauwenberg 14-22
2000 Antwerp

Do I need to book?

To book please see the conference website

Helping nature to help us

The European Ecosystem Services 2016 conference's theme 'Helping nature to help us' focuses on the important role that healthy ecosystems play in supporting human well-being and the protection of nature.

Forest Research's scientists will present a number of papers:

Darren Moseley

  1. Behavioural economics for ecosystem service valuation and sustainability
  2. Decision-making for sustainable forest management: application of Agent-based modelling to a forest landscape

Chloe Bellamy

  1. Modelling the impact of urban planning on pollinator habitats with local stakeholders: a route to healthy, blossoming communities?
  2. Strathard: a landscape to live, work and play’ - community engagement in environmental decision making

Sander van der Jagt

  1. Cultivating nature-based solutions: Lessons from communal urban gardening in the EU

Louise Sing

  1. The links between natural capital and ecosystem services: applying the Framework for Ecosystem Service Provision to the forestry sector
  2. Operationalising ecosystem services in forest management

Mike Dunn

  1. Embedding Ecosystems Science in Practice: A Case Study with Ecological Site Classification

Dr. Dunn is also co-hosting a session at the conference 'How useful is an ecosystem services approach in participatory decision making? Lessons learnt.'


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