Phytophthora citricola complex

This species of Phytophthora is widespread and based on dated records has been present in Britain for more than 80 years. In the early part of this century, P. citricola was found to be a complex of several morphologically similar species which have since been given different names. However, the species within the P. citricola complex which is most commonly identified in Britain is now calledP. plurivora. Most of the historic records of P. citricola are therefore likely to be P. plurivora.

Like P. cinnamomi, P. plurivora is a root attacking Phytophthora. It tends to grow best at higher temperatures and therefore is found most frequently in southern Britain.

Tree genera affected by P. citricola complex




Acer, Fagus, Tilia


Nothofagus, Aesculus


Abies, Alnus, Chamaecyparis, Picea, Quercus


Distribution map (2017)

Distribution map of Phytophthora citricola complex