I-Tree Eco Cardiff

About the Cardiff City i-Tree Eco Study

i-Tree Eco provides a means to more fully understand a city’s urban forest with respect to its species composition, structure and condition, and to calculate and value many of the ecological benefits that that urban forest provides to those and live and work in the city.

In order to better understand Cardiff’s urban trees, an i-Tree Eco survey was devised throughout 2017 and surveying was undertaken in late summer of 2017.

Specifically, this research aims to:

  • understand the structure of Southampton’s urban forest, including the species composition, diversity and tree condition
  • calculate the ecosystem services provided by Southampton’s urban forest and rank the importance of different tree species


The project is on-going and expects to report in 2018.

Funders and Project Partners:

Cardiff City Council
Welsh Government

Project partners:
Cardiff City Council
Welsh Government
Forest Research

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