I-Tree Eco – UK Projects completed

This page is intended to provide information on i-Tree Eco projects completed in the UK, with a focus on those projects where Forest Research have been collaborators or contributors.  

i-Tree Eco provides a means to more fully understand a city’s urban forest with respect to its species composition, structure and condition, and to calculate and value many of the ecological benefits that that urban forest provides to those and live and work in the city. Data from an i-Tree Eco survey can be used for making effective resource management decisions; develop policy, and set priorities for a town’s trees.

 Many towns and cities of across the UK have completed an i-Tree Eco project. Projects have also been conducted for single parks, estates, metropolitan areas and, even, at county level.

 Links to project reports – their full technical reports as well as associated summary documents – are provided in the menu to the left-hand side.

Research objectives

Specifically, each of these projects will aim, as a minimum, to:

  • understand the structure of the urban forest of the study area, including the species composition, diversity and tree condition
  • quantify four of the ecosystem services provided by those urban trees and provide an economic value them
  • rank the importance of different tree species, and
    assess the vulnerability of the urban forest to pests and diseases 

Funders and partners

The partners and funders of each project are listed in the project specific reports.


This project is ongoing.


Kieron Doick
Urban Forest Research Group
Centre for Sustainable Forestry and Climate Change
Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
GU10 4LH

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