Susanne Raum, PhD

Social Scientist


Tel:  +44 (0)300 067 5711

Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
GU10 4LH

Dr Susanne Raum joined Forest Research in 2016 after completing a NERC/ESRC funded PhD in Environmental Policy at Imperial College London which involved research into ecosystem services, forestry stakeholders and forestry policy in the UK.

Current role

Social Scientist Social and Economic Research Group

Susanne’s experience and interests concern the dynamics of human-environment relationships, with a particular emphasis on forests, in order to understand how people relate to and value nature, and how this can inform land use and management decisions, conservation and policy.

Prior to joining Forestry Research, she had been involved in a number of interdisciplinary projects, involving ecologists, social scientists, economists, pollution modellers, policy-makers and practitioners. This included the UNPICK project which is part of a multi-disciplinary Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Initiative, the London i-Tree survey and valuation project, the Open Air Laboratories Project, a £12m multi-disciplinary Open Air Laboratories partnership citizen science project, and the Air Pollution Research in London network.

Current projects

  • Cultural ecosystem services
  • Land owner views and attitudes
  • I-Tree eco project evaluation
  • Oberservatree project evaluation

Affiliations and achievements

  • NERC/ESRC 3.5 year funded scholarship
  • Visiting researcher and lecturer at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London
  • Member of the Rachel Carson Centre for Environment and Society in Munich
  • Member of the Environment Agency's Regional Fisheries, Ecology and Recreation Advisory Committee for the Thames Region (2008-2010

Main publications and knowledge exchange activities

Peer reviewed papers

Raum S, Potter C, 2015, Forestry paradigms and policy change: The evolution of forestry policy in Britain in relation to the ecosystem approach, Land Use Policy, Vol: 49, Pages: 462-470

Raum S, The Ecosystem Approach, Ecosystem Services and Established Forestry Policy Approaches in the United Kingdom, Land Use Policy, (in press)