Vera Correia, BSc

NFI GIS Officer


Tel: +44 (0)300 067 5054

Silvan House
231, Corstorphine Road
EH12 7AT

Vera joined the Forestry Commission in 2006 as a National Forest Inventory (NFI) mapping officer after completing a BSc in Forestry at the Escola Superior Agrária de Castelo Branco in Portugal. She specialises in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), spatial data analysis and aerial photography interpretation.

Current role

NFI GIS Officer

Vera is responsible for managing the processes required to carry out the National Forest Inventory woodland map annual update process. She evaluates and analyses new datasets to assess if they are suitable for evidence of change and to determine their suitability to address the update requirements. She undertakes spatial data analysis and reporting of woodland area statistics for both internal FC use and for inclusion in the publication of official statistics.

In addition, Vera provides technical support to NFI fieldwork external contractors.

Current projects

National Forest Inventory woodland map annual update

Main recent publications and knowledge exchange activities


B. Ditchburn, V. Correia, A. Brewer and L. Halsall, 2015. Preliminary estimates of the changes in canopy cover in British woodlands between 2006 and 2015. Official Statistics Report