Soil classification tool

This tool allows you to classify soil according to its particle size distribution - i.e. its Clay, Sand and Silt fractions. By entering the percentage of Clay and Sand fractions into the boxes below you can identify the soil's textural class according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the United Kingdom's Soil Survey of England and Wales (UK SSEW) classification schemes.

If you need to identify a soil texture type in the field, please consult our Manual soil texture key.

Clay %
Sand %
Silt %

UK SSEW soil class

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clayUK siltyClayUK sandyClayUK siltyClayLoamUK clayLoamUK sandyClayLoamUK siltyLoamUK sandySiltLoamUK sandyLoamUK loamySandUK sandUK

USDA soil class

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clayUS siltyClayUS sandyClayUS clayLoamUS siltyClayLoamUS sandyClayLoamUS loamUS siltLoamUS sandyLoamUS loamySandUS sand siltUS