Government and public organisations, networks and trade associations links

Links to some key government organizations, networks and trade associations working in the field of biomass

The government department responsible for the protection of Britain's forests and woodlands.The Forestry Commission is supporting the development of woodfuel, see:

Information about the Forestry Commission Woodfuel Implementation Plan 2011-2014 and other information about woodfuel

Britain's principle organisation for forestry and tree related research. Forest Research, the wider Forestry Commission and the woodland industries are working together to assist the development of a substantial woodfuel industry throughout the UK. This site includes details of the background, aims and methods used in a study of the potentially available woodfuel resource in Great Britain, and presents the findings in an interactive manner

A project in 2003 to assess the potentially available woodfuel rerource in Great Britain.  This resource can be broken down into different categories, and by region.

The UK trade association for the modern biomass heating industry.  Brings together wood fuel suppliers, biomass boiler and stove installers and distributors, energy companies and developers

Biomass fuel suppliers accredited to supply systems funded under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

An organisation which help business and the public sector cut carbon emissions

An independent charity which seeks to advance sustainable energy policy and practice

The Association for Decentralised Energy is the leading decentralised energy advocate, focused on creating a more cost effective, efficient and user-orientated energy system

A source of information on the use and implementation of non-food crop products and technologies in the UK

NationalRural is a Knowledge Exchange - a service provided by universities and colleges for rural businesses and organisations. It is funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, and is one of 22 Centres for Knowledge Exchange activity in the country

The UK organization representing all aspects of renewable energy production and use

Renewable Energy Statistics database compiled by AEA Energy & Environment on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry. The study was initially supported by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat) whose objective was to encourage the collection of renewable energy statistics across all EU Member States to a standard format

Agricultural Research, including energy crops and especially Miscanthus

The Solid Fuel Association is funded by solid fuel producers and distributors and was established to encourage greater awareness of the benefits of domestic solid fuel heating among the general public. Operating as an advice centre, the Solid Fuel Association welcomes communication on all matters concerning the use of solid fuels both from domestic consumers and professionals such as heating installers and architects