UK biomass networks

A number of key academic and research networks in the UK operating in the field of biomass and bioenergy

IBERS brings together the Institutes of Rural Sciences and Biological Sciences at Aberystwyth University, and the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (IGER)

PyNe - The Biomass Pyrolysis Network - a global network of active researchers and developers of fast pyrolysis, has been established to discuss and exchange information on scientific and technological developments on pyrolysis and related technologies for the production of liquid fuels, electricity and chemicals

The Rural Economy and Land Use Programme

The SUPERGEN Biomass and Bioenergy Consortium aims to provide a recognised focus for UK biomass and bioenergy activities that unites key stakeholders and academia through leading edge research in renewable energy

A whole systems approach to bioenergy demand and supply in the UK

The TSEC-BIOSYS project aims to conduct innovative multi and inter-disciplinary research from a whole systems perspective. It will provide authoritative and independent answers on technical, economic, environmental and social issues related to the development of bioenergy in the UK. In particular, it will investigate:

  • The potential role of bioenergy in satisfying UK demand for heat, power and transport energy
  • The potential contribution of bioenergy to UK Government energy and environmental objectives
  • The economic, environmental, and social implications of the large-scale development of bioenergy in the UK


ThermalNet- the new European Network for biomass pyrolysis, gasification and combustion

ThermalNet consists of three technologies: pyrolysis (PyNe), gasification (GasNet) and combustion (CombNet) and is funded through Altener in the Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme operated by DG TREN

The UK Energy Research Centre's mission is to be the UK's pre-eminent centre of research, and source of authoritative information and leadership, on sustainable energy systems

UKERC undertakes world-class research addressing whole-systems aspects of energy supply and use, while developing and maintaining the means to enable cohesive UK research in energy