Wood Quality Conference 2016

When is the event?

This event has passed

Where to meet?

Laval University
Pavillon Gene-H. Kruger
Conference room 2320-2330
2405 Rue de la Terrasse
Québec, QC G1V 0A6

Do I need to book?

To book please see the conference website

The 8th international conference of IUFRO Working Parties 5.01.04 and 3.02.04: ‘Modelling Wood Quality, Supply and Value Chain Networks’ will take place in June 2016 in Quebec City, Canada.

Conference themes:

  • Understanding links between silviculture and wood fibre properties
  • Building integrated model chains for predicting forest growth, wood quality and value in a changing environment
  • Multi-scale modelling of wood properties: from the cell wall to end-products
  • Wood supply and value chain modelling and optimisation
  • Efficient segregation of fiber supplies
  • Enhanced inventory methods for mapping wood quality
  • Integration of genetic selection and genomics with tree and wood quality models
  • Development and application of simulation tools for the forest sector

Paul McLean will present "Validation of Geospatial Studies on Timber production and properties in  Great Britain" (16th June)

David Gil-Moreno's poster will be "Simulating timber production and properties in multi-species planted forests"

Robin Adey-Johnson's poster will be "Multiscale modelling of moisture in wood"