5th Science Conference of ICP Forests

When is the event?

This event has passed

What time is it on?


Where to meet?

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure,
Department of the Environment,
4 place de l’Europe
L-1499 Luxembourg

Do I need to book?

For registration all participants are kindly asked to fill in the online registration form on the ICP Forests website. All information will also be made available on the ICP Forests website

The conference addresses all scientists in the field of air pollution and climate change research in forests. In particular scientists and experts from ICP Forests, the UNECE ICP community under the Working Group on Effects (WGE), partners and stakeholders, and interested scientists from related fields are encouraged to participate. Particular interest is put on projects, evaluations and modelling exercises that are based on ICP Forests da-ta. Respective researchers are encouraged to present and discuss their work and results.

Main topics:

  • Nitrogen in forest ecosystems including biodiversity issues
  • The role of sulphur and basic cations in forest ecosystems
  • The impact of ozone
  • Heavy metals in forests — still a challenge?
  • Climate change effects on forests and water budget issues

Elena Vanguelova and Sue Benham of Forest Rersearch will present "Base cations and nitrogen budgets of forest ecosystems in the UK"

Registration for this event can be made on the event website.