Meetings and events

October 2017

Phyto-threats project team meeting
October 3rd 2017, APHA, Sand Hutton, York

Reducing Phytophthora in trade and designing effective accreditation
Phyto-threats workshop
October 4th 2017, APHA, Sand Hutton, York

June 2017

National Plant Show
June 20-21st 2017, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

May 2017

Phyto-threats project team meeting
May 4th 2017, James Hutton Institute (JHI), Invergowrie, Dundee

March 2017

Phyto-threats attendance at the 8th Meeting of the International Union of Forest Research Organisations Working Party (IUFRO) 7.02.09, Phytophthora in forests and natural ecosystems
18-25th March 2017, Sapa, Vietnam

January 2017

28th USDA Interagency Research Forum on Invasive Species
10-13 January 2017 , Annapolis, Maryland, USA

October 2016

Phytothreats biannual all project team meeting
5 October 2016, APHA, Sand Sutton, York

Improving nursery resilience against threats from Phytophthora
Phyto-threats workshop
6th October 2016, APHA, Sand Hutton, York

April 2016

Phytothreats start-up meeting 
21st April 2016, NRS, Scotland