Climate Ready Forestry Learning Exchange

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, near Aberfoyle, 6th October 2015

This event brought together land managers, policy makers and researchers to share knowledge about the management of forests to help them cope with our changing climate.  In particular it explored the land management actions that can help our forests, communities and economy cope with the risk of flooding, landslides and damaging high winds. 
The event involved site visits to demonstrate forest management actions at Queen Elizabeth Forest Park.  Successes and challenges were also explored and used to generate ideas about how policy, research and practice can better encourage and enable the forestry sector and others to cope with climate change.

Learning exchange programme

To increase the ability of the forestry sector to respond to climate change it was felt that there was a need to:

  • Improve the flexibility and coherence of forest policy and grants;
    Collate and develop coherent guidance across government agencies;
  • Increase the use of monitoring and an adaptive forest management approach;
  • Develop integrated decision support tools;
  • Increase knowledge exchange between researchers, policy makers and forest managers.

Download the report summarising the event


The learning exchange was hosted by Forest Research, Forestry Commission Scotland and ClimateXChange.