IUFRO Genetics of Tree-Parasite Interactions

When is the event?

This event has passed

Where to meet?

Portes de Sologne Hôtel & Conference Center
Orleans, France

Novel challenges and opportunities for resistance to pests and pathogens

The different sessions of the workshop will be decided by the Scientific Committee based on the submitted contributions, the main topics will be:

  • Resistance / tolerance and virulence / aggressiveness mechanisms
  • Breeding and management strategies for durable resistance in a changing environment
  • Host-parasite co-evolution
  • Novel host-parasite interactions due to emerging or non-native pests and pathogens
  • Population genetics of pests, pathogens and vectors
  • New frontiers in tree-parasite interactions: from genes to landscape and communities.

Dr. Sandra Denman will present "A Systems Approach to Investigating Acute Oak Decline in Britain" (Fri 28 Aug, 10:20)

Prof Clive Brasier will do a summing up session at the end of the meeting.