IUFRO Uppsala 2015

When is the event?

This event has passed

Where to meet?

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
SLU at Loftet,
Uppsala, Sweden

Do I need to book?

see conference website

Joint IUFRO Working Party Meetings

7.02.02 - Foliage, shoot and stem diseases of forest trees &

7.03.04 - Diseases and insects in forest nurseries

Forest Research scientists will present at the following sessions:

Dr. Sandra Denman:

  1. Simulating Key Elements of Acute Oak Decline to Produce Signs and Symptoms in Log Tests
  2. Monitoring forest diseases and syndromes: the case of Acute Oak Decline
  3. Genomic analysis of bacteria associated with Acute Oak Decline

Dr. Sarah Green:

'Evolutionary adaptations of Pseudomonas syringae pv. aesculi to the European horse chestnut' (by Nowell, R.W., Green, S., Laue, B.L., Sharp, P.M.) during a session 'Decline diseases'.