Delivery into the store

Woodchips are blown from delivery trailer into storage building. Aske Hall, Zetland Estate, Richmond, Yorkshire. 25/03/2009As part of the design for a biomass store it is vital to consider the various modes of delivery into it.

Depending on scale delivery may consist of:

  • Manually tipping in a sack of wood pellets or a wheelbarrow of logs
  • Tipping a truck
  • A walking floor trailer
  • Pumping pellets or slurry through a tube
  • Dumping from a railway truck.

In many cases it is most appropriate to make use of gravity to assist delivery and design both the store, and access to it, to make best use of this. This might entail:

  • A ramp
  • Building the store partially or fully below ground (although this can bring other problems)
  • Ensuring access from an existing structure.

Access to the storage facility

Convenient access for any potential delivery vehicles must be designed in from the outset.

Also access for any construction and maintenance equipment that might be required for the store itself, or any associated equipment or structures must be considered.