ESCom Conference 2015

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This event has passed

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Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

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Based on popular demand and feedback from the last conference, we have organised a two-day event this May that will provide:

  • An overview of ecosystem services activities in Scotland, ranging from information tools and case-studies to policy implementation and evaluation
  • Networking opportunities between science, policy and practice
  • An update of the ESCom governance and ambitions for the coming year
  • Opportunities to explore synergies, plan collaborations, and brainstorm about future events

 On 7th  May the ESCom conference will provide a structured overview of recent progress and activities in ecosystem service science, policy and practice in Scotland. We are inviting an exciting diversity of speakers to share their experience.

 On 8th  May the ESCom unconference will provide a more fluid and open forum to discuss collaboration and future opportunities. We will welcome expressions of interest for discussion topics, but will also include sufficient open space for emerging issues that arise during the conference.

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Postcode: EH1 1LZ

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