Invasive insects and trees: detection, management and policy.

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University of Hull

A two-day conference incorporating the Expert Meeting on Oak Processionary Moth

The aims of this two-day conference were to i) identify the existing and emerging insect pests of forests, woodlands and urban trees; ii) evaluate early detection methods; iii) examine the resilience of communities and individual trees to invasive insects; iv) explore emerging technologies that could be developed for understanding and managing invasive insect species and v) consider policy implications in a warmer, wetter climate.



Visit the conference website (University of Hull)for more details

Forest Research speakers included:

  • Daegan Inward (xylosandrus germanus and other invasive bark-beetles in the uk & europe)
  • Nigel Straw (asian longhorn beetle anoplophora glabripennis in southern england: the 2012 outbreak)
  • Roger Moore (pine-tree lappet moth dendrolimus pini in scotland)
  • Mariella Marzano (tree health and biosecurity: what is social research telling us?)
  • David Williams (the use of pheromone traps for the early detection and monitoring of oak processionary moth).