Woodland heritage: surveys, consultancy and project management


Forest Research offers full service for woodland owners, ranging from complete lidar ground mapping to heritage and cultural project management.

Service overview

Do you want to discover and protect the heritage that lies hidden under your trees?

Our multidisciplinary woodland heritage team includes experts and scientists involved in a wide range of projects covering archaeology, heritage conservation, veteran tree management, forest ecology and woodland management.

Our comprehensive suite of services combines our forest research and management knowledge with technical expertise in modern remote sensing surveys and mapping. Working closely with many partner organisations, we conduct heritage-based surveys of wooded landscapes using the latest specialist techniques.

We support our surveys with additional studies and recommendations on suitable and sustainable ways to preserve, manage and even promote the heritage of your woodland sites.

Services we offer

Woodland heritage surveys

We are the UK’s leading authority in LiDAR surveys of wooded landscape for heritage mapping. Our unique understanding of how different types of tree and understorey vegetation influence the effectiveness of LiDAR surveys helps us to generate optimum images of forest floors and interpret the results. We also advise you on the limitations of each data set.

More details about our LiDAR surveys and mapping services

Heritage project management and consultancy

Our involvement in numerous heritage discovery, conservation and research projects makes us an ideal source for advice and project management in forest settings. We provide specialist services and advice to ensure you to meet the standards required to protect your woodland heritage and obtain accreditation for sustainable forestry.

Our advice covers everything from how to look after individual, old or otherwise significant trees to plans on suitable woodland management systems that will preserve archaeological remains over the long-term.

Find out more about our woodland heritage project management  and consultancy.

Our clients

We work across Great Britain and Northern Ireland for clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors, including the Forestry Commission, National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Landscape Partnership schemes, local authorities and other land managers.

Features and benefits

  • Expertise: 15 years of heritage surveys in woodlands and forest
  • Forest knowledge: our unique understanding of how the forest canopy affects lidar scans generates the clearest, highest quality images possible
  • Partnership benefits:  good working relationships with several lidar survey companies and access to the latest technological developments means our service will meet your precise requirements
  • Quality assured: as a government research organisation we meet the strict quality criteria for science and research set out in the Joint Code of Practice for Research
  • Personal touch: direct access to our experts means you can discuss your requirement, obtain advice and receive an appropriate, value for money service
  • Research active: we have studied heritage-forest interactions, led site monitoring initiatives and can advise on management and conservation techniques

Costs and charges

We customise our service to meet your specific needs and deliver best value for money – please get in touch.

We can arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your project and explore how our services can support your work.


For more about the services offered or to discuss your requirements contact:

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