Publications on vegetation management

Cover of EU COST Action E47 bookForest vegetation management in Europe: current practice and future requirements (PDF-3839K)

Results from EU COST Action E47 to help forest managers reduce their dependence on using herbicides in Europe’s forests.

Edited by Ian Willoughby (Forest Research), Philippe Balandier, Niclas Scott Bentsen, Nick McCarthy and Jenny Claridge (Forest Research).

Cover of Field Book 14Herbicides for farm woodlands and short rotation coppice

Extends the advice for woodland creation situations, where weed growth can be particularly problematic.

By Ian Willoughby and David Clay.

Forestry Commission Field Book 14.

Herbicides for farm woodlands and short rotation coppice - Main sections (PDF-3843K)

Herbicides for farm woodlands and short rotation coppice - Appendices (PDF-3175K)

Please note that these PDF files form an integral whole, and should always be downloaded and read in conjunction with each other.

Cover of Technical Paper 28Herbicide update

Updates the information in Forestry Commission Field Book 8 and complements the specialist information published in Field Book 14 and Field Book 15. Explains relevant changes in legislation and approved products.

By Ian Willoughby and David Clay.

Forestry Commission Technical Paper 28.

Managing and controlling invasive rhododendron (PDF-1560K)

Guidance on managing and controlling rhododendron in invaded habitats, including information on site survey, prioritising areas for treatment, selecting the most effective control techniques, and monitoring of treated areas.

By Colin Edwards.

Foresty Commission Practice Guide 17.

Cover of Research Information Note 274Noxious weeds (PDF-2718K)

By Ian Willoughby.

Forestry Commission Research Information Note 274.

Cover of Forestry Commision Information Note 84The potential for direct seeding of birch on restock sites (PDF-386K)

Guidance on the current potential for using direct seeding to establish upland birch woodland on upland restock sites.

By Ian Willoughby, Alan Harrison, Richard Jinks, Peter Gosling, Ralph Harmer and Gary Kerr.

Forestry Commision Information Note 84.

Cover of Practice Guide 15Reducing pesticide use in forestry (PDF-2973K)

This guide can help forestry practitioners to assess the impact of any problem and select a non-chemical solution. If pesticide use is unavoidable this guide should help managers to keep chemical use to the minimum level necessary consistent with good practice while at the same time reducing the risk of damage to the environment.

By Ian Willoughby.

Hardcopy version of "Reducing Pesticide Use in Forestry"

Cover of Handbook 2Trees and weeds: Weed control for successful tree establishment

A detailed examination of the different ways in which weeds affect young trees.

By Richard Davies.

Forestry Commission Handbook 2.

Out of print - please contact our Research Information Service if you wish to see a copy of this publication.

Cover of Field Book 8The use of herbicides in the forest

Provides detailed, comprehensive, practical guidance on all aspect of herbicide use in British forestry. In conjunction with product labels, this provides the primary source of advice for practitioners contemplating herbicide use within forests.

By Ian Willoughby and Jim Dewar.

Forestry Commission Field Book 8.

Cover of Forestry Commission Technical Note 16Using dye markers to reduce pesticide use (PDF-610K)

By Ian Willoughby.

Forestry Commission Technical Note 16.

Cover of Field Book 15Weed control in Christmas tree plantations (PDF-2287K)

Gives detailed recommendations for herbicide programmes in horticultural Christmas tree production.

By Ian Willoughby and Colin Palmer.

Forestry Commission Field Book 15.

Hardcopy version of "Weed Control in Christmas Tree Plantations"

Cover of Weeding Young Trees - Avoiding TroubleWeeding young trees – Avoiding trouble (PDF-1091K)

By Ian Willoughby.

Herbicides for Farm Woodlands and Short Rotation Coppice