Publications on silvicultural and woodland management practices

Bracken as a peat alternative (PDF-190K)

By Joan Webber.

Forestry Commission Information Note 3.

Bracken as a Peat Alternative

Publication coverCosts and revenues of transformation to continuous cover forestry (PDF-568K)

Study modelling silvicultural options with Sitka spruce showing how transformation to continuous cover forestry can be a good economic option compared with clearfelling and replanting.

This is accompanied by an Analysis spreadsheet (MS Excel®-3813K) that enables practitioners and policy makers to change input costs, product specifications, roadside prices and the discount rate to suit their local conditions.


Further details.

By Owen Davies and Gary Kerr

Cultivation of soils in forestry

By D.B. Paterson and W.L. Mason.

Forestry Commission Bulletin 119.

Deterioration of fine tree roots during cold storage in two contrasting winters

By Helen McKay.

Forestry Commission Technical Paper 2.

Publication coverThe evidence supporting the use of continuous cover forestry in adapting Scotland’s forests to the risks of climate change (PDF-891K)

Report to Forestry Commission Scotland summarising the role of Continuous Cover Forestry in future climate conditions.

By Victoria Stokes and Gary Kerr.

Forest nursery practice

Edited by J.R. Aldhous and W.L. Mason.

Forestry Commission Bulletin 111.

The impact of forests and forest management on slope stability (PDF-92K)

Can continuous cover forestry management improve slope stability?

By Victoria Stokes.

Internal report to the Forestry Commission, 2011.

Management of coppice stools (PDF-881K)

By Ralph Harmer.

Forestry Commission Research Information Note 259 (out of print).

Managing brash on conifer clearfell sites (PDF-230K)

By Andy Moffat, Bill M Jones and Bill Mason.

Forestry Commission Practice Note 13.

Front coverManaging continuous cover forests (PDF-6129K)

Practical guidance covering a flexible and adaptive approach and best advice on managing continuous cover.

Forestry Commission Operational Guidance Booklet No. 7.

Managing light to enable natural regeneration in British conifer forests(PDF-100K)

By Sophie Hale.

Forestry Commission Information Note 63.

Cover of handbookManaging native broadleaved woodland

What Native broadleaved woodland managers need to know; a new handbook that provides answers to questions that woodland managers ask and covers topics including use of grazing animals, uneven aged silviculture and management for nature conservation.

By: R. Harmer, G. Kerr and R. Thompson.

Available to buy from the TSO.

Managing the Pinewoods of Scotland handbookManaging the pinewoods of Scotland

The aims of this handbook are to promote the maintenance and expansion of our existing native pinewoods, encourage the integration with plantations within the pinewood zone, and support the creation of new native pinewoods.

By Bill Mason, Alan Hampson and Colin Edwards.

Monitoring the transformation of even-aged stands to continuous cover management (PDF-188K)

By Gary Kerr, Bill Mason, Roger Boswell and Arne Pommerening.

Forestry Commission Information Note 45.

CoverRaising trees and shrubs from seed (PDF-648K)

By Peter Gosling.

Forestry Commission Practice Guide 18.

Front coverRespacing naturally regenerating Sitka spruce and other conifers (PDF-1955K)

This Practice Note updates this guidance on respacing using information from the original and more recent experiments. It also sets out the implications for regeneration in both regular stands and areas being managed under continuous cover forestry.

By Bill Mason.

Forestry Commission Practice Note 16.

Restoration of neglected hazel coppice (PDF-404K)

By Ralph Harmer.

Forestry Commission Information Note 56.

Publication coverShort rotation forestry: review of growth and environmental impacts (PDF-3255K)

By Helen McKay (Ed.)

This review updates the Hardcastle review (2006) of the environmental impacts of growing fastgrowing broadleaved species as short rotation forestry in Britain and where possible strengthens it using primary unpublished data.

Forest Research Monograph: 2
ISBN 978-0-85538-827-0

The Silviculture And Management Of Coppice Woodlands handbookSilviculture and management of coppice woodlands

Information and advice on the management of trees, stools and woodlands as coppice.

By Ralph Harmer.

Publication coverStump harvesting: Interim guidance on site selection and good practice (PDF-905K)

Guidance to assist the forest industry in identifying sites where stumps may be harvested without compromising long-term sustainability, and on any environmental safeguards that must be applied.

Front coverThinning practice - a silvicultural guide (PDF-4878K)

The underlying silvicultural principles which make up good thinning practice and guidance on applying thinning in the most common situations of forest management.

By Gary Kerr and Jens Haufe.

Transforming even-aged conifer stands to continuous cover management (PDF-88K)

By Bill Mason and Gary Kerr.

Forestry Commission Information Note 40.

Transforming Even-aged Conifer Stands to Continuous Cover Management - Field sheet (PDF-178K)

Trees for shelter

Edited by Harriet Palmer, Barry Gardiner, Max Hislop, Alan Sibbald and Alan Duncan.

Forestry Commission Technical Paper 21.

Front coverUK - India forest landscape restoration (PDF-2338K)

As part of a UK–India collaboration on forestry, this summary report shows how Forest Landscape Restoration can safeguard biodiversity by taking a landscape approach using appropriate technologies and practical applications and produce real benefi ts for communities by working in partnership with them.

Edited by Mike Smith (Forest Research) and Sandeep Tripathi (India Forest Research Institute), September 2011.

An update on nursery propagation and establishment best practice for larch in Britain (PDF-120K)

By Mike Perks, Alan Harrison, Helen McKay and John Morgan.

Forestry Commission Information Note 80.

What is continuous cover forestry? (PDF-81K)

By Bill Mason, Gary Kerr and James Simpson.

Forestry Commission Information Note 29.

Publication coverWhole tree harvesting - A guide to good practice (PDF-370K)

The aim of this publication is to provide operational guidance to managers. It describes the potential impacts of whole-tree harvesting upon the forest ecosystem, the likely risks on different sites and makes recommendations for managers faced with different harvesting options.

By T. Nisbet, J. Dutch and A. Moffat.

Forestry Commission Practice Guide 11.

Harccopy version of Whole Tree Harvesting