Publications on woodland establishment and regeneration

Cover of Practice GuideCreating new broadleaved woodland by direct seeding (PDF-647K)

Provides detailed practical recommendations on the silviculture of creating new woodlands by direct sowing.

By Ian Willoughby, Richard Jinks, Peter Gosling and Gary Kerr.

Forestry Commission Practice Guide.

Hardcopy version of "Creating new broadleaved woodland by direct seeding"

Cover of Research Information Note 288Cultivation of lowland lites for new woodland establishment (PDF-2346K)

By Ian Willoughby and Andy Moffat.

Forestry Commission Research Information Note 288.

Development of multiple leaders in Sitka spruce and Japanese larch following outplanting (PDF-159K)

By Mike Perks.

Forestry Commission Information Note 66.

Cover of Handbook 8Establishing farm woodlands

Summarises the silvicultural principles behind new woodland creation on fertile, lowland sites.

By David Williamson.

Forestry Commission Handbook 8.

Front coverForest reproductive material (PDF-1761K)

Regulations controlling seed, cuttings and planting stock for forestry in Great Britain.

Front coverNatural regeneration in western hemlock plantations on ancient woodland sites (PDF-529K)

This Research Note reports the results of a survey of natural regeneration in western hemlock PAWS which aimed to determine the numbers and species of tree seedlings regenerating, estimate the amount of each site that was restocked, assess the effect of site characteristics and identify a general sampling method to assess the proportion of a site that is stocked.

By Ralph Harmer, Kate Beauchamp and Geoff Morgan.

Forestry Commission Research Note 11.

Natural regeneration of broadleaved trees (PDF-120K)

By Ralph Harmer and Gary Kerr.

Forestry Commission Research Information Note 275 (out of print).

Potential for direct seeding of birch on restock sites (PDF-386K)

By Ian Willoughby, Alan Harrison, Richard Jinks, Peter Gosling, Ralph Harmer and Gery Kerr.

Forestry Commission Information Note 84.

Predicting site suitability for natural colonisation: Upland birchwoods and native pinewoods in Northern Scotland (PDF-485K)

By Richard Thompson.

Forestry Commission Information Note 54.

CoverRaising trees and shrubs from seed (PDF-648K)

By Peter Gosling.

Forestry Commission Practice Guide 18.

Front coverRespacing naturally regenerating Sitka spruce and other conifers (PDF-1955K)

This Practice Note updates this guidance on respacing using information from the original and more recent experiments. It also sets out the implications for regeneration in both regular stands and areas being managed under continuous cover forestry.

By Bill Mason.

Forestry Commission Practice Note 16.

Restoring afforested peat bogs: results of current research (Research Note 6)Restoring afforested peat bogs (PDF-954K)

Results of current research

By Russell Anderson.

Forestry Commission Research Note 6.

Cover of Handbook 2Trees and weeds: Weed control for successful tree establishment

A detailed examination of the different ways in which weeds affect young trees.

By Richard Davies.

Forestry Commission Handbook 2.

Out of print - please contact our Research Information Service if you wish to see a copy of this publication.

Use of sewage sludges and composts in forestry (PDF-181K)

By Andy Moffat.

Forestry Commission Information Note 79.