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Lesson plans for schools and groups

We have created some great lesson plans to be used in the forest. They contain links to the national curriculum, but are just as appropriate for non-education groups such as Brownies and Cubs.

Forest maths skills (PDF)

Forests provide endless learning opportunities, and are great places for studying many aspects of the key stage 1 and 2 maths curriculum, including number, shape, symmetry, estimation and measuring.

Literacy - A forest story study and performance (PDF)

A visit to the forest with your class can inspire creative writing, imaginative language and vocabulary, as well as providing the backdrop for role play and performance. Suitable for KS 1 and 2.

English language lesson plan (KS2) (PDF)

Forests provide plenty of inspiration to enable children to compose poetry and write stories.  A forest visit also provides numerous topics suitable for non-fiction reading and writing.

Temperate Forests - Key Stage 2 (PDF)

A lesson plan to help key stage 2 students and teachers discover the differences between temperate (UK) forests and tropical forests. Includes engaging, hands-on activities to learn about tree identification, plant diversity and woodland structure.

Explore with your senses (PDF)

Look around, sniff and smell, touch and listen, and discover your local forest

Terrific trees (PDF)

Games and activities to introduce your group to the wonderful world of trees

Exploring natural materials (forest art) (PDF)

Get creative and make forest masterpieces from natural materials

Geography – Key Stage 1 (PDF)

Explore the forest identifying natural and man-made features, then make maps on paper or on the ground

Exploring natural materials (building structures) (PDF)

Bring your DT curriculum alive, using wood from the forest to build towers and bridges

Minibeasts in the forest (PDF)

Play games and explore different forest habitats to discover the tiny creatures that live in this wonderful environment

Forests for the Future

Find out about climate change issues, the value of trees in the carbon cycle, and what individuals and schools can do to make a difference. Perfect for upper KS2.

Last updated: 31st July 2017