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Participant feedback

We love running our Bushcraft Residentials and we think it's great - but don't just take our word for it. Have a look at what some of our participants have said about their adventure.

"I had one of the best experiences with Sherwood bushcraft! Our team gelled fantastically with the help and encouragement of the rangers who were all so approachable and enthusiastic. Our days were packed full of activities yet at the same time it did not feel like we were not able to give everything sufficient time, as there were plenty of opportunities to finish things off ands develop skills in areas you enjoyed. I feel I have learnt so many useful skills that I was able to build up across the five days such as fire lighting which is a skill I will definitely will be teaching my guide group with all the different methods! I also really enjoyed (and appreciated) the activities that helped and encouraged us to work as a team such as night time orienteering and the assault course which also provided a chance to relax a little. I feel I am compelled to mention the significance of shine the light in the evenings, which provided much entertainment at the end of quite tiring days. I feel proud of myself and the group for completing the residential, as well as the rangers who were fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with sherwood bushcraft and am a little disappointed I only have to do one residential for gold as I would definitely love to come back!"


"When i began my experience at the start of the week i didn’t know what to expect but very quickly i was drawn in by the helpful and friendly rangers who made me feel very welcome. As the week went on i learned many things that i would consider very valuable and were very enjoyable to learn."


"I am so glad I chose to do the Sherwood Bushcraft residential. I had always wanted to do a Bushcraft course, and this was better than I could have possibly imagined, and is definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I have learnt so much over the duration of the course, and I am already teaching family and friends how to create the same things I had created. It has inspired me to take on challenges with the skills I have learnt and to improve them further. I really don't know what could have been better, because I feel that this was better than the best. Karina and Bob were so welcoming and good fun, always having a laugh and ensuring that everyone's time at the camp was amazing. The food was fantastic(thanks Bob!) and a world away from the visions of 'boil-in-the-bag' DofE food I had prior to the visit. If you are interested in anything like this, then do not hesitate, because you will have the time of your life."


"I learnt a lot from Karina, Bob, Chris and Dave who were happy to share their knowledge and provide the kind of hints and tips that only come from experience. The strangers who I shared this experience with, I am proud to say, were my friends by the end and I hope to see them again at the awards ceremony. I couldn't have asked for a better experience ... All that is left to say is thank you. To the ranger team, my new friends and all those that made the experience possible. No matter how many trees I put as my computer desktop picture, it's just not the same! Though I'm not going to say I haven't enjoyed hot running water."


"I enjoyed willow weaving the most and I really liked the flexibility of the rangers: they were happy for you to try something other than what was planned and it was a very relaxed atmosphere. It gave me more confidence in talking to strangers and I learnt about weaving techniques, how to use a knife safely to craft things, what it's like to work for the Forestry Commission and a bit about cooking over a fire. It started to feel like home after a few days. Life back in civilisation is a bit boring - i'd rather have a log to sit on. Thanks for putting on such a great residential - I really enjoyed it."


"I particularly enjoyed the basket weaving and whittling, I have learned so many crafts using natural resources, and fire-lighting. The food was excellent and the company was good."


"I would also like to say how much I enjoyed the past week and just how good the bushcraft course was. I have learnt so much and met a really amazing group of people. The way you have the bushcraft course set up is so well thought out that the semi-relaxed feel makes it all so easy to get involved but also have a lot of fun at the same time. You, Chris and Bob were all so helpful , but also so knowledgeable and skilful that the opportunity to learn was huge. Once again I would like to say thank so much for a great week."


I really enjoyed being on the camp! It sounds silly, but it was great to sit and chat around the campfire, and chill together in the yurt! I also really enjoyed the night-time activities, the orienteering and 'Shine Ya Light' were awesome! The food was excellent, I was expecting boil in the bag, DofE expedition style food, but it was so good! I learnt a lot about the environment and gained lots of new woodwork skills and learnt how to weave. I really enjoyed making the Willow Tension Tray, that was what I was most proud of! I now feel much more confident talking to new people, and I had a fab week which I will never forget! Huge thanks to everyone at Sherwood Pines :) I now appreciate my sofa much more than I did before I left! I think it was all that sitting on logs!! (Although I do miss it a little!) Really enjoyed the residential, it was so much fun and really rewarding to show everything I had made to all my family!! Thanks again for such a great week, I learnt so much, made some great friends, and have a lot of good memories!!


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you did for us over the week we spent with you - I honestly enjoyed myself so much, I've been raving about it to everyone and anyone who'll listen. Thanks again,"

Dulcie :)


Last updated: 31st July 2017

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