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EU imports - Pinewood Nematode demarcated areas

  • Mainland Portugal including a 20km buffer situated along the border with Spain
  • Island of Madeira
  • 20 km radius area around As Neves, Galicia (Spain)
  • 20 km radius area around Valverde del Fresno, Extremadura (Spain)
  • 20 km radius area around Santi-Spíritus, Castilla y León (Spain)

No conifer material shall leave these demarcated areas unless it has been treated to meet the following conditions:

must not leave the demarcated area
Wood and bark
must be accompanied by a plant passport confirming that it has been heat treated to achieve a minimum core temperature of 56C for at least 30 minutes. Material must be moved outside the flight season of the vector or if bark-free be covered by a protective covering to prevent infestation with PWN or its vector
Wood packaging
must be ISPM15 treated
Last updated: 21st June 2016