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East England Forest Plans

The East England Forest District team manages the public forest estate throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Greater London, Kent and East Sussex. The district's plans also cover woodlands in parts of Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and West Sussex, including the Chiltern Hills in the west of the district and the High Weald in the south.

Below is a list of all the East District Forest Plans.   A “Consultation” link indicates a plan up for renewal.  It will take you to an online questionnaire where you can leave your feedback on the proposed new plan.

An “Operations” link means harvesting or thinning is taking place.  The link will take you to the local forest page for more information. 

Occasionally forest operations may need to take place at short notice and may not be flagged up on this site.  Keep safe and always obey forest operations warnings and restrictions when visiting a forest.   

More information on the Forest Planning process can be found at Forest Planning in Thetford Forest.





  • Lavenham


  • Potton Wood
  • Greensand Ridge


  • Chilterns


  • Bernwood – Shabbington, Waterperry, Chinkwell


  • Sulham

Essex/Greater London/Kent

  • Thames Chase


  • Clowes Wood
  • Kent North Downs
  • Kent Low Downs
  • High Weald (Bedgebury)


High Weald FDP Introduction
High Weald FDP Land and Natural Environment 1
High Weald Land and Natural Environment 2
High Weald Land and Natural Environment 3
High Weald FDP Communities and Places 
High Weald FDP Working Woodlands 1
High Weald Working Woodlands 2
High Weald FDP Consultation and Approval
High Weald FDP Appendix 1 SSSI Citations
High Weald FDP Appendix 2 Area and SSSI Maps
High Weald FDP Appendix 2 Ancient Woodland Maps
High Weald FDP Appendix 2 Design Concept Maps 1
High Weald Design Concept Maps 2
High Weald Design Concept Maps 3
High Weald FDP Appendix 2 Existing Species Map
High Weald FDP Appendix 2 Habitat Restoration and Felling Maps 1
High Weald Habitat Restoration and Felling Maps 2
High Weald FDP Appendix 2 Future Habitats Maps

East Sussex

  • Abbots Wood
  • Friston Forest



Last updated: 21st September 2018

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