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Import from non-EU countries - Wood packaging and dunnage

All wood packaging and dunnage must be ISPM15 treated and marked.

Special requirements for various commodities

Wood packaging material including packing cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packings, pallets, box pallets and other load boards, pallet collars and dunnage, other than in the form of:

    • raw wood of 6 mm thickness or less

    • wood that has undergone a manufacturing process involving glue, heat or pressure, or a combination thereof

  • dunnage supporting consignments of wood, which is constructed from wood of the same type and quality as the wood in the consignment and which meets the same Union phytosanitary requirements as the wood in the consignment.
The wood packaging material shall be:
    1. subject to one of the approved measures as specified in the ISPM15 (Revised 2009), namely;

      i. heat treatment that achieves a temperature of 56 ºC for a minimum duration of 30 continuous minutes throughout the entire profile of the wood (including its core); or

      ii. dielectric heating (e.g. microwave) of wood not exceeding 20cm when measured across the smallest dimension of the piece or stack must be heated to achieve a minimum temperature of 60 ºC for 1 continuous minute throughout the entire profile of the wood (including at its surface); or

      iii. fumigated with methyl bromide in accordance with requirements described in Annex 1 of ISPM15; and
  1. display a mark with the two-letter ISO country code, a code assigned by the National Plant Protection Organisation of the country concerned identifying the producer, and the code identifying the approved measure applied to the wood packaging material as specified in Annex II of ISPM15.
Last updated: 21st June 2016